Bad Shorts

Deanna Newman and Ben Zelevansky bring you the Writers Guild Award-nominated sketch comedy series that makes you laugh, makes you think, then makes you think about laughing.


Here's a great way to get a quick taste of our shorts.

Heartwarming News Network

When a heartwarming news story turns cold.

Impostor Syndrome

Everybody feels like a fraud sometimes.

Moving Violation

You have the right to remain sexy!

Worthman's Fine Custom Emojis of Beverly Hills

When you care enough to text the very best.

Ghost Lookers: The Haunting of Bueller House

The team encounters a dim spirit haunting the house from "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off."

The Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival!

We are pleased to announce that THREE Bad Shorts will be featured as part of iOWest's 4th Annual Scripted Comedy Festival! Come on down to The Del Close Theater in Hollywood, see some of your favorites on the big screen, and help vote Bad Shorts through to the finals on Saturday, March 12th!

Tickets are just $5, and can purchased in advance via the links below. Here's our screening schedule:

Hope to see you there!

Dicks: The Candy Store Robberies

Detectives D'Angelo and Benton are looking for prostitutes. Especially Detective Benton.

One-Seater Time Machine

Dr. Martel is a brilliant scientist. A brilliant, lonely scientist.

Apocalypse No

High Priest Mortron tries to boost the morale of his apocalyptic death cult.

UPDATE: "Apocalypse No" has been nominated for a Writers Guild Award in the category of Short Form New Media!

Garbage People

Every industry has its share of garbage people.

Larry the Red

Multicultural relationships can be challenging.

Misch Management - The Singer

Steve and Trudy Misch have a nose for the music business.

Little Buddy

Ben and Deanna decide to give something back.

Fortune Taker

Jerry attempts to convene with the spirits and gets less than he bargained for.

Dicks: The Bank Examiner Swindle

Detectives D'Angelo and Benton are hot on the trail of an alleged perv.

Ho Ho Homewrecker

If you saw what Sheila saw, you'd hate the holidays too.

Coming Not That Soon

Season 1 of Bad Shorts launches on Wednesday, and lensing has already begun on our next batch of episodes!


Bad Poster

We told you something bad was coming on Wednesday November here's your first glimpse. From Deanna Moore and Ben Zelevansky comes Bad Shorts, the sketch comedy series that makes you laugh, makes you think, then makes you think about laughing.

Season 1 Poster


Teaser Poster

Behind the Scenes of "Moving Violation"

Officer Badass

Get ready.

Deanna. Ben. Bad Shorts.