The Vault

Here you'll find a veritable treasure trove of Lucky Birds Media's past projects.

Bunny and Bee

This four-part webseries takes an in-depth look at interspecies friendship.

Star Wars Fan Strikes Back

This guy is mad as hell, and he's not gonna take it anymore, maybe.

High School Sex Reality Show

A parody of MTV's megahit show 16 and Pregnant, this sidesplitting short looks at how pregnancy affects a teenager from a more mature angle. With well over 1.5 million views, High School Sex Reality Show is one of the most popular user-generated videos on Funny Or Die.

Curly Maple Surprise

Lucky Birds Media writes and directs Curly Maple Surprise, a Los Angeles based sketch comedy group comprised of members who have trained and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Groundlings, iO West and more!

Here's a hilarious video we did about movie studios frantically trying to cash in on the success of Bridesmaids:

F*@#able Chefs Network

This deliciously funny video takes a look at how The Food Network's current lineup of chefs wouldn't look out of place in a late night Cinemax movie. It's actually pretty self-explanatory...look at the title, for Pete's sake.


An animated comedy show that followed the trials and tribulations of animal actors in Hollywood, Unleashed debuted in July of 2006, releasing an episode every week thereafter for more than two years. It was a featured pick on YouTube, iTunes, Veoh and, reaching as high as #16 in the iTunes directory of Top Comedy podcasts. In 2009, the show caught the eye of the good people at Purina, who licensed it as a feature for their Petcentric site.

Unleashed is a great example of the scope of what Lucky Birds Media can do, as well as a testament to our ability to get a big result from a small (or in this case, non-existent) budget...check out the trailer below: